Naoyuki Nakayama. Nao started with piano and violin as a child, then, rebelling against classical music in his teen years, decided to become a rock guitarist. After a number of years in a number of bands, he realized he really wanted to be a bass player, and by the time Fatness called in 2004 he was ready to go. Nao is presently focusing his blues energies on Fat Chance while working out his rock and roll fantasies with other bands. This because, besides the blues, he also digs late 60’s – early 70’s R&B and southern rock.

His arsenal includes a Fender Jazz Bass and Fender Precision Bass, as well as Line 6 Studio 100 and Ampeg ba115 amps.

Masayoshi Hara. Haraboo (no one is quite sure where the “boo” comes from) started playing drums at age 10 in a fife and drum band. By age 20 he was playing orchestral percussion, and in 1990 started playing jazz drums in various bands around Tokyo. In 2006, Fat Chance borrowed him from a jazz ensemble they were sharing the bill with, and haven’t let go of him since.

His “Secret weapon” is a special drum kit that he constructed himself, whose main feature is a deep tom that doubles as a bass drum and snare -- he has a pedal that kicks up to hit the bottom of the tom, and he attacks the top of the thing with his sticks and brushes. To this he has attached any number of cymbals and other noisemakers, all of which he plays with the utmost taste and restraint. Except when he’s wailing, of course.