Was born with a tiny harmonica in his mouth. Surprised the doctors by playing the blues instead of crying. Had as happy a childhood as can be expected growing up in the remote Kentucky wilderness of the fifties. Takes up drums at age 10, entertaining classmates with desktop versions of “Wipeout.” Graduates high school, enrolls in college as undeclared karate/music major. Takes up harmonica to get into local band. Dreams vaguely of going to Japan to study karate.

    Enters military service for several soft years as a Russian-language specialist (meaning “spook”) in Japan. Gets heavily into in karate. Falls in love with many. . . aspects of the country.

    Heads back to Kentucky with new family in tow when military gig ends. Takes job as mailman, leaving plenty of time for karate and music. Joins local faves the Broomstraw Band, whose music was reputedly much better than their name.

    After three years in Kentucky, gets the itch to go back to Japan. Heads to Yokohama and lands a gig teaching English at the local YMCA, leaving plenty of time for karate and music.

    Forms a number of local bands through the early ‘80s, playing mostly in local living rooms, occasionally in local clubs.

    Meets Dwight in spring ‘84 through a friend of a friend. They jam. Nothing much happens. The teaching job leads to a technical rewriting gig. Dave takes up chromatic harp.

    After a few years of infrequent gigging, and several more spent entirely out of touch, Dave gets a call from Dwight, now playing solo guitar around West Tokyo blues joints, about gigging together. “Why not?” says Dave. They do a number of small club appearances.

    Through ‘97 and ‘98 the duo evolves into the Fat Chance band, which eventually devolves back into Slim Chance. Through a steady diet of high-calorie blues, fatness is achieved again in 2001, and continues to this day.