Sprang from his mother’s womb attached not by umbilical cord, but by guitar cable. The doctors simply unplugged him. Enjoyed the idyllic childhood of fifties suburban Los Angeles. Swimming pools. Disneyland. The Good Humor Man.

    After hearing the Beatles on the radio, decides he wants to play guitar. His father recommends, and presents him, a banjo.

    After six months on the banjo, he finally convinces his folks to buy him a guitar. They do -- a classic Harmony red hollow body and amp. The neighbors take cover.

    Graduated high school with honors and great expectations, going to Japan with a summer abroad program. Returns to enroll in the University of California Pre-Dental Program.

    Drops out of Pre-Dental Program after a year of struggling with Chemistry, Calculus and Physics, declaring “I’m an artist, not a scientist!”

    Loses several years of the early ‘70’s working as a switchman on the railroad, then traveling and not working in New York City. Decides it might be a good idea to go back to school.

    Enrolls in UC Santa Cruz majoring in Aesthetic Studies, a wholly useless, but fascinating, concoction of Art and Philosophy.

    Exploits the UC Study Abroad program to return to Japan. Takes leave of absence after first year to pursue hedonistic lifestyle in Tokyo.

    Works as translator/rewriter of computer manuals while gigging solo in small bars around Tokyo. Life is good.

    Lands stint on television as lead role in NHK drama about a foreigner teaching in the Japanese countryside, on which he gets to play guitar occasionally. Eight shows over the summer of 1980. Stardom! Fame!

    Pursues music opportunities arising out of TV show, lands gig as collaborator with Tets Hayashi, Japan’s top pop composer (at the time). Discovers royalties.

    Meets Dave Steenken. Chances begin to emerge. Slowly, though -- it’s nearly ten years before the duo really starts happening. In the meantime, starts an advertising company. But that’s a whole other story.