. . . is what happens when Dave Steenken plays harmonica and Dwight Waldron plays guitar. Together. A kind of jazzy blues. Or bluesy jazz.

    While this particular variety of Chance is Slim, itís not lightweight: Dave and Dwight aim to take you on a musical ride that stretches from Mississippi back porches to Chicago juke joints, swinging hard all the way.

    Occasionally Slim Chance does something worthy of news. Like their splendid performance at the All-Japan Harmonica Competition, where Dave was crowned Harmonica King of Japan. Or their last-minute entry in the Gibson International Blues Challenge, which made them (however briefly) the official Blues Ambassadors of Japan. Oh yeah -- did we mention that the boys are based in Tokyo?

    Itís not all Slim, though -- the boys will often add a bass player and drummer and turn the amps up high, in which case the result is Fat Chance.

    But enough talk. Listen to the music and hear what itís all about for yourself.
    Hopefully youíll be inspired to experience the real thing -- Slim Chance is sure to be playing at a Tokyo club near you soon.