Destination West is the biggest little agency in Japan. Statistical analysis reveals that we have the highest creative yield per person of any agency in Japan. Stress analysis confirms the finding.

We all speak and read both Japanese and English. Some better than others, of course.

We are one of the few foreign-owned companies accredited to buy media space both in Japan and abroad.

We have an extensive research network that encompasses Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and have completed large-scale projects in all those regions.

Our creative and production resources also span the globe. Over the years we've completed projects on every continent except Antarctica.

"Passionate" is the word most used to describe our attitude toward our work. By nice people, anyway.

"Sophisticated" and "elegant" are the words most used to describe the work itself. Even by people who aren't so nice.

Both Steve and Dwight are judges for the Tokyo Ad show. Which goes a long way toward explaining our inordinate number of awards. (Just kidding - we're not allowed to judge our own stuff).